Wheat Flour For The The Perfectly Rolled Flatbreads

Posted by Admin on August, 29, 2019

Made from the grinding of whole-wheat grains, wheat flour is a staple food for a wide number of people in the world. Having a protein content of about 13% and enriched with carbohydrate and other healthy nutrients, wheat flour is a great source of energy that is required to perform at your best. Cultivated for its edible seeds, whole wheat grain is milled into flour to be used to make a wide range of food items such as Indian flatbread, pasta, muffins, biscuits, and confectionery goods. Owing to the high gluten content in wheat flour, the dough made from this flour is best suited for making roti or Indian flatbread.

Why is stone milled flour or chakki atta popular?

Milling is the process of grinding wheat grain into a fine powder which is known as flour. The best wheat flour is prepared through the stone grinding process, which is also touted to be the earliest methods used for producing flour. Compared to high-speed rolling machines, the stone grinding process makes flour with a high nutrition value and enhanced taste. Stone-ground wheat flour is always the best choice owing to its nice flavor, good taste, and fibrous texture. When compared to roller-milled flour, stone-milled wheat flour is relatively high in iron, thiamine and dietary fibers.

Health advantage:

Known as a good source of complex carbohydrate, dietary fiber, vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc, copper, etc, including wheat flour in your daily diet provides many health benefits to us. Some o the main health advantages of consuming whole-wheat are:

• Helps prevent type 2 diabetes

• Aids in weight management

• Reduces inflammation

• Prevents metabolic disorders

• Improves energy level

• Regulates bowel movement

Providing customers with the best quality range of wheat flour, which is processed using traditional chakki grinding technology, the manufacturers in Dhule, Maharashtra have established themselves as key players in this domain. Their offered range of wheat is highly demanded across the country for its naturally nutty taste, high nutritious value, purity and longer shelf life. Following are some of the notable factors that the wheat flour suppliers in Maharashtra always keep in mind to retain their popularity in the market.

• They ensure that the wheat flour is processed using traditional stone-milling process under hygienic environment conditions to meet 100% customer’s satisfaction.

• They source the entire range of wheat flour from reputed manufacturers who process their product in sync with the industry set guidelines for quality.

• The wholesalers offer a broad range of wheat flour for the customers at a highly competitive price.

• The wheat flour manufacturers in Dhule offer the flour in various sturdy, high-grade moisture-proof packaging options as per customers’ requirement to maintain the taste intact for a long time and avoid any kind of damage or insect manifestation in the product.

• The offered product range is tested by a team of agro experts on different stringent quality parameters before the final delivery.

• Supported by a strong team and wide network, the suppliers are always ready to meet the never-ending demand for organic wheat flour across the country.

• They always ensure optimum-grade, chakki fresh wheat flour and on-time delivery of your consignment.

• Maintaining crystal pure transparency in all their transactions, the wholesalers and suppliers direct all their activities to cater to the expectations of customers nationwide.

Wheat flour is highly demanded in the market for its versatility, taste, and nutritional value.

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